"Our passion is
Landscape Design"




The Ochre Office (Pty) Ltd is a professional design firm specializing in Landscape Architecture. The firm undertakes projects varying in size from landscape development feasibility studies to planning for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and recreational sites.

Our passion and inspiration is drawn from the concept of Integrative Design: the understanding of how architecture and structure requires a context — the unique extension of forms and spaces that account for specific functional needs and site conditions.

Landscape Architecture seats itself fundamentally in the connection of people to their natural surrounds, finding solutions to ensure the successful and sustainable integration and interaction of the two while balancing them with economic, cultural and social factors. Every project, scaling from private residential to large commercial or community developments, is approached with this notion of connectedness.

Our business objectives are based firmly on the delivery of service excellence, responding to and enabling sustainable, environmentally responsive and appropriately integrated landscape installations.